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Sunday night 5:00-8:00pm

Bible study, worship, food, and games

Sunday Night Series

The most important time on Sunday night is spent digging into God's Word. We have new lesson series every month. Check out our current series!
High School
Students will learn that God’s Kingdom is based on his greater wisdom. God does things differently than the world, so we need to follow Jesus’ example as we live as citizens in God’s Kingdom.
Middle School
What does it mean to be a Christian? Anyone can talk the talk of being a Christian, but what does it mean to actually walk the walk? God gave us a perfect example to follow in Jesus. He also empowers us to live differently—to bear godly fruit, serve one another, and introduce the world to God.

Who are we?

We are members of God's family, loving God and loving others.

Why Acts 29?

We are the 29th chapter of the book of Acts. The story of Christ's Church is continuing through us. We are the next generation that God is using to tell the story of Jesus to others. We are His ambassadors.

2 Corinthians 5:20

"Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making His appeal through us."

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