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Acts 29 Youth Ministry

Acts 29 Youth Ministry exists to bring 6th-12th graders to Christ, build them up in Christ, and send them out for Christ. We do this all for the glory of Christ. We desire to connect our young people to Christ and His mission. Our hope is that our students experience Jesus in a meaningful way when they step through our doors. We focus heavily on the discipleship of your student so that they have a faith that flourishes when they graduate and begin their adult life.

Why Acts 29?

There are only 28 chapters in the book of Acts. So why did we name our youth ministry Acts 29? Because WE are the 29th chapter in the book of Acts. Acts tells the story of Christ’s Church in the world. We chose Acts 29 because the story of the Church is still being told, and it’s being told through our church, and our students play a role in that story. We are the next generation that God is using to tell the story of Jesus to others. We are His ambassadors.

2 Corinthians 5:20

"Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making His appeal through us."

Youth Group - Sunday Night, 5:00-8:00pm

Our weekly Youth Group meeting is one of the best ways your student can get connected, build meaningful relationships, have fun, and grow in their walk with Jesus. Middle school and high school students have separate small groups, allowing us to be more intentional with the discipleship and teaching of your student. Our Sunday nights consist of dinner, worship, Bible Study, and games.

Sunday Night Series

The most important time on Sunday night is spent digging into God's Word. We have new lesson series every month. Check out our current series!
Follow Christ
The theme for this lesson is “Labeled” and focuses on our identity and who we are in Christ. Many of us struggle with where to place our identity. We may look for it in countless things other than Jesus. Scripture makes it clear that our identity is found in Jesus Christ, and we find the best way to live in him. Students will see the power of identity in crucial moments and decisions. We should walk away with a greater understanding of who we are in Christ and be challenged to live up to this unique identity.
• Lesson 1: Righteous and Free (May 5)
      Main Passage: Romans 6:1-14
      Takeaway: We are united with Christ and set free from sin, making us dead to sin and alive to God.

• Lesson 2: A Confident Identity (May 19)
      Main Passage: 1 Samuel 17:19-27, 31-50
      Takeaway: Finding our identity in God and his strength gives us courage.

Bible Discovery - Sunday Morning, 9:15-10:15am

Bible Discovery is our church's Sunday school. Our students have their own Bible Discovery class on Sunday mornings, prior to the 10:30am worship service. Our Bible Discovery class is a great opportunity for your student to grow in their knowledge of God's Word as we Explore the Bible. We study a new book of the Bible every 13 weeks and seek to discover what God is calling us to do for His Kingdom through that book. We are currently studying the first half of the book of Genesis.

Bible Study Groups - Wednesday Night, 5:30-7:30pm

Bible Study groups meet on Wednesday nights. We offer a boys' Bible study group and a girls' Bible study group. Our Bible Study groups are currently meeting at the church through May. Wednesday nights consist of Bible Study and fellowship.

Retreats, Camps, and Mission Trips


CIY MOVE is a 5-day summer event designed for high school students to know Jesus better, deepen their relationships, and to be sent out to do Kingdom work. It involves impactful worship, great messages by fantastic speakers, wonderful small group discussions, and plenty of time for fellowship. It is an impactful conference that serves in accomplishing our mission by helping us build students up in Christ and adequately equip them to go out into the world for Christ.


CIY MIX is a 4-day summer event built for middle school brains, hearts, and bodies. At this conference, the Gospel is taught in a way they’ll adequately understand. Small group discussions aren’t an afterthought, but are the central focus of this conference. And there’s plenty of physical activities and games for them to play! Moments at MIX change lives and could be 4 of the most important days for middle schoolers on our calendar!

Mission Trips

Mission Trips are an amazing part of our ministry. Last year we visited Brinkley Heights Academy in Memphis, TN and partnered with Street Reach Ministries. We put on Bible Clubs in the local neighborhoods for elementary age kids in the community to come and hear about the love of Jesus while singing songs, playing games, and making crafts! Our students get to share the gospel and build relationships with these kids and are able to impact young lives for Christ!

Middle School Fall Retreat

Our Middle School Fall Retreat is a time designed to allow our middle schoolers to have fun, build relationships, and most importantly, connect deeper with God! This retreat is held at the ARK Christian Ministries, and includes fun activities, worship, and different speakers to lead our large group times.


ICYC is the Indiana Christian Youth Convention. It is a weekend youth convention that happens every year in November. It is an awesome weekend for our high school students to go and hear the gospel proclaimed as they worship God, fellowship with one another, and build lasting relationships and memories.

Winter Retreat

This short weekend retreat allows our 7th-12th grade students to take a break from the challenges of the school year to refocus on their relationship with God. It’s a weekend of great fun, awesome worship, and moving messages.

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