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Who We Are

University Christian Church (UCC) is where life change happens.

UCC has been serving Christ in Muncie since 1929 and we have been at our current location since 1979. We are a non-denominational Christian Church that is fully committed to teaching and following God's Word. We partner and unite with churches around the world in what is called the Restoration Movement. We do not seek to be another denomination because Christ does not want a divided church.  We seek to unite all Christians by calling for a return to the faith and practice we see modeled for us in the first churches,  which are described in the New Testament.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring others to Christ, build them up in Christ, and send them out for Christ (Ephesians 4:12-13).

Our Vision

UCC will be known in the community as the place where life change happens – the church that doesn’t just go through the motions but expects, encourages, and equips members to be in a perpetual state of spiritual growth. UCC will develop disciples of Jesus who are so engaged in the church (Hebrews 10:25), immersed in the Word (Joshua 1:8-9), and in tune with the Spirit (Galatians 5:25), that they continue to change their habits, priorities, and behaviors to be more and more like Christ. UCC will also develop disciples who are engaged in their culture and reproducing their faith in others (1 Corinthians 10:33b). We will realize this vision as our members “gather, grow, give, and go.”


To develop disciples who are engaged in the church, UCC will emphasize that continuing life change requires building relationships and collaborating with other Christ followers on a regular basis and in an intentional manner. Therefore, members will be equipped, encouraged, and expected to contribute to Christ’s Body through some area of ministry within the church. Ministry opportunities will be posted and kept updated via social media for those seeking an area of service. An assimilation system will be in place to engage new people into the life of the church, and a shepherding system will be used to monitor involvement and provide periodic encouragement for the Church Body. Small groups will provide opportunity for members to engage in the church through a deeper level of fellowship. All-church service projects and fellowship activities will help members engage in the church by serving together and developing relationships that are multi-generational.


To develop disciples who are immersed in the Word, members will be discipled to make Bible reading and memorization a part of their daily lives. UCC will provide Bible training in children’s and adult Sunday School that targets all levels of Biblical literacy. Students will not only learn Biblical content, but also sound doctrine, and practical application of God’s Word. Discipleship groups and accountability partners will add a relational aspect to the life change process. Discipleship mentors will be assigned to new members to help them assimilate and embrace the life change process. Elders will target and offer mentoring for future church leaders. To develop disciples who are in tune with the Spirit, UCC will provide inspirational worship services that reveal God’s glory and open people’s hearts to the guidance and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Devotion to Christ and His Church will be modeled, allowing the Holy Spirit to stir in the hearts of our people collectively on a regular basis as they make corporate worship a high priority for their lives and their families. Prayer will be an integral part of the worship services and will also permeate every other aspect of the UCC culture.


To develop disciples who are engaged in their culture, UCC members will shine the light of Christ’s love outside the walls of the church building by intentionally connecting with and serving those in our community for the glory of God, and by using good deeds to pave the road for the Good News. UCC will also be committed to global outreach by increasing missions awareness and giving generously to missions.


To develop disciples who are reproducing their faith in others, ministry goals will be set with a focus on “bringing others to Christ, building them up in Christ, and sending them out for Christ.” Outreach efforts will incorporate a variety of evangelistic styles to allow every member to effectively “go” reproduce their faith in others right here in this community. UCC will also provide short-term mission trip experiences, allowing our members to “go” into other needed areas with the Gospel.

This vision will be realized by God’s grace, guidance and strength as we continue to allow Christ to lead His church, following boldly and with unshakeable faith as he leads us to take steps we may not dare take on our own.