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Sermon Series - Unshaken

I’m beginning a series called “Unshaken,” where we will see from the life of
a man named Daniel that even when our WORLD is shaken, our FAITH can remain
UNSHAKEN, our hope can remain unshaken, and our WITNESS for the Lord can
remain unshaken. And I believe Daniel’s story will show us how. The Old Testament
book of Daniel covers 70 years of Daniel’s life. The story starts when Daniel was a 15
year old teenager whose world was shaken when his nation was conquered and he
became a prisoner of war. Then the story goes on to tell how Daniel did not let his faith
be shaken and how he went on to thrive in spite of his circumstances. Then the story
ends with Daniel as an 85 year old man who had risen to become the second most
powerful man in the empire, all without losing his faith or his integrity. It’s an amazing
story with relevant lessons for all of us today in our age and culture.

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