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Covid-19 Announcement

University Christian Church’s Plan & Schedule for Resuming Activities
The leadership has prayerfully considered the best path for worship services and other activities to resume at the church building.  That path is outlined in the chart below:
Our decisions have been driven by love of neighbor, concern for public health, and our witness to the community we serve.  These considerations have led us to a plan that complies with the guidelines and requests made in Governor Holcomb’s May 1 announcement.
Please keep in mind that this plan is subject to change as circumstances unfold.

Governor’s GuidelineUCC Response
Stage 1: Ended May 4No social gatherings over 10 peopleVirtual Worship Services Only
Stage 2: May 4-May 23ØNo social gatherings over 25 people
ØVirtual Worship Services only Preferred
Ø65+ and at-risk persons stay home
Virtual Worship Services Only
Stage 3: May 24-June 13ØNo social gatherings over 100
Ø65+ and at-risk persons allowed to venture out using caution
ØResume Worship Service at the Church with a 9:00 a.m. service and a 10:30 a.m. service to limit attendance under 100
ØSocial Distancing to be practiced
ØWearing masks is requested
ØCommunion and Offering will be available in a safe manner
ØPlease do not attend if you are not feeling well or have symptoms of illness
ØNo nursery or children’s programs. Children will sit in the service with parents
ØNo Sunday School
ØSmall Groups may resume meeting at the church
ØOffice open during the week
Stage 4: June 14-July 3No Social gatherings over 250Consider going back to a single Worship Service
Stage 5: July 4ØFully Open if virus has continued to decline
ØRequest that Children’s Programs do not resume until School starts back up.

First Sunday after School Resumes: ????Restrictions liftedØChildren’ Programs Resume
ØSunday School Classes Resume
We love you all and are very eager to be with you again.  We thank you for your prayers, your patience and the way so many of you have stayed connected with us through our virtual services and Facebook posts.  Please keep it up!  We urge you to stay safe and let us know how we can serve you.