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No More Status Quo

Is your Christian walk an ongoing adventure, or has it become mundane and routine? Is your faith growing stronger or has it grown stale? If you are spiritually stuck, trapped in some habitual sin, or needing to revitalize your walk with Christ, then let this series out of Romans chapter 12 help you break free from the Status Quo and enjoy the abundant life God wants you to experience.

I'm All In

One game that has really become popular in recent years is “Texas Hold ‘Em.” I’ve never played, but I understand the biggest moment in the game is when someone says, “I’m all in.” He then pushes all his chips to the center of the table, and waits to see if he is a big winner, or if he’s out of the game.


That’s how it is in the game of life. The drama starts when you take your family, , money, future, and all the other chips of your life and give them up to God saying, “I’m all in, Lord. I hold nothing back, because you’re in control of the cards, and I’m trusting you to bring me the victory.” Taken from Luke 9 & 10, this series discusses how and why to be “all in” with your life, attitudes, relationships, and priorities.

In God We Trust

According to a survey, one of the greatest fears Americans have is financial worry –


· “How am I going to pay the bills?

· Will I be able to put my kids through college?

· Will I have enough for retirement?

· What will I do if I get laid off?”


It seems ironic that we worry so much about money when it carries the message, “In God We Trust.” If we would just trust God more, we would worry less. This series from Philippians chapter 4 reminds us that the message on our money – not the money itself – is the key to contentment, generosity, and God’s rich blessings.


When we look at the broken homes, broken lives, violence and sense of hopelessness in today’s society, it is easy to see that our world needs radical transformation. But that transformation is unlikely to come through political tactics, technological advances, or scientific discoveries. Transformation must originate from the Church. But before the Church can effectively transform the world, the church herself is in need of transformation. We can’t make a significant difference on the world when we aren’t living much differently than the world! This series will challenge Christians to live like Christians – to be transformed from merely going to church to actually following Christ, and to be transformed in the way we treat each other.

Coming to Grips With the Real You

Many people spend their entire lives feeling inadequate, unwanted, and insecure. Instead of accepting who we are, we desperately try to be who we think others want us to be, constantly trying to earn acceptance from parents, co-workers, classmates, and even ourselves. But the real answer to our struggles lies not in trying to be something we’re not, but in seeing ourselves as God sees us. This study reveals what your Creator thinks of you, and will leave you feeling loved, wanted, significant, and secure.

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Have you ever had a broken bone? A broken toy? A broken friendship? It seems that no matter what it is, when something is broken there is pain, loss, and disappointment. And when the loss is big enough it can leave us feeling dazed, helpless, and unable to cope. But God offers hope and healing for those who have experienced brokenness. This series will explore how we can cope with broken hearts, broken promises, and broken dreams.

Simple Christmas

In our politically correct world, it is becoming harder and harder to find any real references to Christmas. Many people and consumers have replaced “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays.” Don’t you just hate that? They’ve taken Christ out of Christmas.

But there is something we need to be more concerned about than getting Christ back into our vocabulary at Christmas, and that is getting Christ beck into our LIVES at Christmas! If we aren’t careful, we can go through this whole season and scarcely even notice Him. And et’s face it – when you take Christ out of Christmas, all you’ve got left is a mess! This series encourages us to do just the opposite. If we can slow down and get the mess out of Christmas, then what will be left is “Christ.”

Plug Into the Power

Why do so many Christians flourish right after their conversion, only to see their faith fizzle with the passing of time? And why are so many churches that once were vibrant and impactful now just going through the motions and doing little to change the world around them? In both cases, the answer can often be traced back to a lack of staying power. Individuals or churches depending on their own strength will inevitably wear out and die a slow spiritual death. A theme throughout Scripture, and particularly in the book of Acts, is that supernatural power is needed to live a supernatural Christian life. This series from Acts 1 & 2 will help us plug into the power of the Word, the Power of the Holy Spirit, the power of Salvation, and the power of Christian fellowship.

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Get Radical

The Christian life was never meant to be a quiet and predictable journey. When Jesus walked on the earth, he didn’t do so inconspicuously and his teachings and actions were anything but typical or ordinary. Jesus lived a radical lifestyle, and he calls his followers to do the same. Our life with Christ was meant to be an exciting adventure, but too many believers have a “ho-hum” walk with Christ that falls far short of what Christ intended. In this series, we’ll learn from the people and events in Acts 8-12 how to “get radical” in our faith and devotion to Christ so we can live the abundant, meaningful kind of life that will remove all boredom and that brings God glory.

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Following Directions

When you travel, there’s a good chance that you’ll stop somewhere along the way and get some postcards depicting where you are. Then you’ll send them to loved ones back home with a little note to tell about your journey. Or, more and more today, people are using Facebook or Twitter to do the same thing. But whatever the method, we like to share with others the exciting places and events we experience as we travel.


This series will examine the events Paul experienced on his second missionary journey. Each week we will identify a main theme Paul may have focused on if he were to send us a postcard describing his experience in that city. These experiences can teach us some helpful principles that will guide us on our Christian journey as well.

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