Go Deep or Go Home

This series through the book of 1 Peter will help us see what Peter wanted persecuted first century Christians to see: We can find encouragement, even through hardships and trials, as long as we don’t settle for a shallow faith or a surface level devotion to Jesus. The challenge of this book is for each of us to “go deep or go home.” In other words, if we are to survive serious challenges to our faith, then we need to have a serious and ever-growing devotion to our faith. This series is intended to help us “go deep”.

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Popup Player A Different Kind of Love Steve Huddleston 12 May 2019 33:23 051219_sermon.pdf Open Video in Vimeo
Popup Player Riding the Waves Steve Huddleston 07 May 2019 30:29 050519_sermon.pdf Open Video in Vimeo
Popup Player Defeating Discouragement Steve Huddleston 28 April 2019 46:20 defeating_discouragement_vpu_ol_4-28-19.pdf Open Video in Vimeo