Journey to the Cross

The journey of Jesus to the cross actually began the moment he left the glory of heaven to enter the womb of a young virgin. And for the 33 years following his birth, virtually everything Jesus did was preparing either himself or the rest of the world for what would happen at Calvary. This series, however, will focus on the final hours before his crucifixion and the journey Jesus took from the upper room to the empty tomb. It is a journey that reveals his love, grace, sacrifice, and power in a way that should inspire us all to journey deeper with him like never before!

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Popup Player The Greatest Victory Steve Huddleston 21 April 2019 33:48 040719_sermon.pdf Open Video in Vimeo
Popup Player Appreciating the Cross Steve Huddleston 16 April 2019 36:58 041419_sermon.pdf Open Video in Vimeo
Popup Player Decisions, Decisions Steve Huddleston 07 April 2019 34:43 040719_sermon.pdf Open Video in Vimeo
Popup Player Whom Shall I Fear Andrew Cullen 31 March 2019 35:44 03-31-19_sermon.pdf Open Video in Vimeo
Popup Player Two Cups Steve Huddleston 24 March 2019 00:00 03_24_19_sermon.pdf Open Video in Vimeo