I'm All In

One game that has really become popular in recent years is “Texas Hold ‘Em.” I’ve never played, but I understand the biggest moment in the game is when someone says, “I’m all in.” He then pushes all his chips to the center of the table, and waits to see if he is a big winner, or if he’s out of the game.


That’s how it is in the game of life. The drama starts when you take your family, , money, future, and all the other chips of your life and give them up to God saying, “I’m all in, Lord. I hold nothing back, because you’re in control of the cards, and I’m trusting you to bring me the victory.” Taken from Luke 9 & 10, this series discusses how and why to be “all in” with your life, attitudes, relationships, and priorities.

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Popup Player I'm All in With My Priorities Steve Huddleston 27 February 2011 00:00 02_27_2011_ImAllInWithMyPriorities.pdf Download Audio
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