Discipleship Ministry


This team is responsible for developing and maintaining a discipleship program that helps believers become more fully grounded in the gospel message, grow in their relationship with Jesus, develop and practice behaviors based on biblical doctrine, and eventually mentor another in discipleship. This team oversees a 12-week Sunday school curriculum for participants and their mentors to attend together, as well as a framework for one-on-one meetings between the participant and their mentor. This team also meets to schedule class sessions, match participants with mentors, evaluate this ministry, and propose improvements along the way.


You may want to serve on the Discipleship Team if you have a passion for encouraging spiritual growth, a heart for people to grow in their faith and knowledge of God, and are trained or gifted in the areas of teaching and wisdom [or enjoy training others in the application of God's Word].


If you want to be discipled in this program, you need to contact one of our Pastors, our Office Manager, or a member of the Discipleship Team.