Our Values

As a body of believers, we are committed to the following:


  • The church must be Biblical and Christ-centered in all we do.
  • An atmosphere of grace and compassion must permeate every area of our congregation.
  • A commitment to excellence is our standard, for it honors God and inspires people.
  • The church must remain culturally relevant while doctrinally sound.
  • We strive to unite all Christians everywhere around the simple truth of God's Word.
  • Every Christian is called to be a minister on Christ's behalf, using their spiritual gifts to help strengthen His church.
  • The church must be passionate about the success of families.
  • Lost souls matter to God, and therefore, must matter to the church.
  • Fully committed discipleship is vital for every Christian and is evidenced by reproducing our faith in others.
  • The church has a responsibility to care for the poor and oppressed.